Thursday, October 31, 2013

BCS is very good at public relations

At least, if money spent is any indicator, they must be. Did you ever notice that whenever LASD wins a judge's assessment (or BCS loses one), we usually find out through word of mouth or from Doug's blog. But, when BCS wins (or, in this case, when LASD loses) BCS issues formal press releases, etc. I guess we can at least be thankful that this press release, at least, didn't come from that sexist guy again :)
Well, anyway, it sounds like the judge has ruled against LASD in their request to site BCS outside the district (but within the county), since they are chartered by the county. So, what do we know at this point?
- The the county board (SCCBOE) approved BCS' charter after LASD didn't, effectively making BCS LASD's problem.
- This same county board seemed to acknowledge their responsibility in the unrest that exists within Los Altos, and surrounding communities, and seemed to indicate that if things didn't change, that they might not vote the same way at the next renewal. 
- LASD is very pressed for land, and has been looking for a suitable site for BCS within its boundaries for 10 years. 
- LASD also has responsibility for a section of mountain view, known as NEC (or north of El Camino), and mountain view hasn't offered up a school site, thus influencing many people to choose the "local school" - BCS.
- LASD closed the only LASD school in the hills (bullis) 10+ years ago, which led to the formation of the charter because the folks in the hills felt slighted and unrepresented. 
- So it sounds like LASD is between a rock and a hard place, and a hard place...
I don't envy the board, and I hope that cooler heads prevail through these mediated discussions (assuming BCS doesn't cancel again, since its been over 2 weeks since the last chat), but I fear that this latest ruling may just embolden the most aggressive BCS stalwarts.
Here's to wishful thinking...

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