Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kudos to the team for exhibiting patience

When Mr La Poll clearly, and repeatedly, stated that these public discussions were fruitless, and that they should be meeting behind closed doors, I thought that the meeting would end right there.  I appreciate the efforts of Mayor Waldeck, Doug, Tammy, and Peter to override Francis' cynicism and attempts to derail any discussion. Frankly, the fact that the group seemed to achieve a mild consensus that holding the BCS attendance at current levels, vs continuing to grow and stress the facilities and neighborhoods, could actually be beneficial to passing a bond, was a minor miracle. After hearing Mr La Poll's comments about the fact that they don't want LASD involved in their stuff, as Doug and Tammy kept pressing in order to learn (you know, kind of like the spirit of the law to innovate and share successes), combined with his desire, nay, insistence, to have these discussions behind closed doors left me with only one conclusion - BCS (or at least Francis' vision of it) is NOT a public school. I'm not sure if this vision is shared by BCS' other board members, but I was impressed/surprised with his frankness in underscoring this fact tonight. Ironically, they could have self sited anytime in the last 10 years, or now, but then what could they sue LASD for...

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