Monday, October 28, 2013

Another disappointing night...

This time, it wasn't even brought on by BCS, actually, the opposite - it was my inability to hear the LASD/BCS mediation tonight. I was surprised that I couldn't easily find a webcast of the meeting, so I took my kids directly from softball, gave them some quesadillas to go, and we headed over to Los Altos Hills to find out how I could listen/watch the live webcast. Despite the fact that there were two people videotaping (with big, official looking cameras), I was told that a video would be available after the weekend :(
Anyway, while my kids were downing their food, I only got to hear:
- BCS parent saying to LASD that she would only support a bond if she knew that it would help BCS.  The mayor cut her off at some point. 
- Then the mayor asked both sides to issue a statement, a request for which neither of them seemed prepared
Unfortunately, I needed to head home with the kids at this point, but hopefully we'll hear an account from someone who was present...

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