Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sometimes the second bird just gets away

I tried to follow the old (two birds with stone concept), but unfortunately sometimes that second bird can be quite the escape artist.  Now I know how much my wife values my time :)  She had ordered some new Pilates equipment for her business, and chose to "pass" on the $500 delivery fee, instead asking me if I was interested in making a short trip to/from Sacramento today to pick up her stuff.

Along the way, since there was lots of time to think :) I realized that I was going to be very near the California State Dept of Ed building (only 5 miles away, actually), so I figured that I could stop by to talk to them and better educate myself on the charter school laws. Little did I know how fruitless this would be...

After driving around the block a few times before finding a place to park, I went in the building and asked the First security guard where the Charter School dept was. She asked me who had invited me, and I answered, a little perplexed, "no one, I was just hoping to chat with someone for a couple of minutes."  To my surprise/disappointment, she said that I couldn't go up without an appointment and/or an escort?!?  There is less security at my bank???  

Anyway, she gave me the dept phone number, and said that I could call them and wait for an escort. I called, and left a voicemail that I would grab some lunch and stay around for a couple of hours if someone had a minute to chat. I finished my lunch, my drive home, unpacking, dinner, kids in bed, and I'm still waiting?!?

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