Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Your culture is your brand" - Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos

After seeing the excitement in my daughters eyes as I kissed her goodbye in her classroom for her first day of school, I left with my son on cloud 9.  Despite small challenges we may all face, and in the grand scheme of the world, almost ALL of our challenges are small, our kids have a wonderful opportunity to blossom and grow in this environment, and will hopefully someday help the world become a better place.

That's how I felt when I left the school. Unfortunately, I then took a peek on Twitter, which I check weekly, at best, and was quickly disgusted and saddened.  I remember when the I was hearing about potential picketing/etc related to the lockout.  In an effort to try to come up to speed, I tried to follow the story, and was told (rightly or wrongly, I don't know) that Jay R Reed was the spokesperson for BCS on twitter, so I figured that I'd follow him to better understand what was going on from BCS' perspective.  A few of his posts (below) on Aug 8 seemed to back up this belief:
But, for the sake of all of the kids at BCS, as well as anywhere else, for that matter, I certainly hope that this man has NOTHING to do with BCS, and that they publicly distance themselves from him - which unfortunately, his daughter cannot do :(

The reason for my strong statements, are what I saw when I logged back into twitter today.  I apologize, in advance for putting this out there because these comments are reprehensible, but if this will help just one kid by keeping this guy away from them at BCS, it will be worth it:

Having both a son, and a daughter, I CERTAINLY hope that the beliefs being tweeted (and re-tweeted) by Mr Reed are not representative of, or affiliated with BCS, or frankly, any other institution of learning.
I am just saddened...

A couple of hours pass... And
Perhaps we should be thankful for BCS, because otherwise, Mr Reed might be attending LASD with his daughter...

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