Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Latest LASD Board meeting

I was fortunate to have the in-laws who were able to watch the kids tonight so that I could attend the latest LASD board meeting.  The highlight of the meeting was the presentation by Mrs McGonagle and a couple of her students about their field trip to Yosemite.  She really is an impressive leader.

The rest of the meeting was a familiar back and forth attempting to properly allocate facilities among all Los Altos "public" school students, without actually having all of the data (at least historically accurate data) from BCS.

And finally, it sounds like we have seen the end of the "open, public" discussions between the BCS board and the LASD board.  What started out as a seemingly hopeful, public set of meetings broken up into "short term" and "long term" discussions had devolved into "private, mediated negotiations", and now have seemingly reached an impasse.  It appears that BCS will remain insistent on being treated like "every other LASD public school", yet is not willing or able to have a representative student population.  Despite their attempts at "outreach", somehow the less privileged kids seem to be avoiding BCS.  The BCS board seems quite intelligent and accomplished.  I wonder if they are actually trying to address this issue, or if they even see this as a concern that should be addressed?!?

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