Saturday, November 2, 2013

Disappointment = The discrepancy between "expectation" and "reality"

I don't know if this is the real actual quote, or not, but it is certainly how I felt tonight after attending the LASD board meeting, and finding out that BCS has backed out of the next "Long Term Planning Meeting", which was scheduled for tomorrow night.  BCS was very interested in having the short term meetings, and seemed equally interested in getting some type of "commitment" from LASD that kids will NOT be locked out of school, despite the fact that LASD has NEVER locked any kids out of school.  This only proved that BCS had zero intention of living up to the agreement that they signed with LASD, and were just concerned that LASD would "call their bluff".  Fortunately, for them, and everyone else, LASD is yet again taking the high road.  I don't know what "teeth" exist in the legal system, but I hope that the BCS board will be made to pay for their blatant lying to the community and misleading marketing.  To be clear, I am not looking for the kids to be punished, because I think that they are just unfortunately victims of a terrible scheme of deceit and political agendas.  Very sad.

Fortunately, despite avoiding Facebook and LOVING IT, I have missed my periodic tete-a-tete with Mr David Roode, but I was not disappointed tonight.  I was fortunate enough to be on this Patch thread, and catch this BEAUTY from David.  Catch the irony in the fact that he is signed in as David, arguing that he is Leroy, and that other people are trying to mislead... as MasterCard would say - Priceless:
David commented on the article "Acrimony Continues After Bullis Signs Facilities Agreement" you commented on in Schools:
Rocky is wrong to mention any name as belonging to me. I am Leroy and Leroy alone. He hides behind "Rocky" and the attempts to assign identity to Leroy. It's just wrong. He might be Doug Smith for all I know. As for what I said about relative finances, that's my opinion and it is borne out by any careful analysis. I can't make that analysis for the reader but what I offered were considerations that do bear on that comparison. It's apples and oranges to compare BCS to LASD, so if you want to get into the price of the fruit, you need to consider the differences. The Joan J Strong individual posting got into pricing... so my comments relate to that. Use them as you will.

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