Monday, September 9, 2013

Let the lies and distortions begin... Now

BCS' latest facilities request (for this upcoming school year) has been submitted, and can be accessed here:

One of they're favorite BCS-isms (or BS, for short) is "we're not really trying to 'take a school from other kids', but we are 'forced to request one' by 'the process'". I'm sure that you've all heard that one. Guess what, it's Covington again, and here is their exact request:
Facility Location Preference 
Title 5 CCR Section 11969.9 (c)(1)(E) requires the facilities request to provide information regarding the district school site and/or geographic area where BCS wishes to be located, and Education Code Section 47614(b) requires the District to “make reasonable efforts” to  accommodate the charter school’s location preferences. BCS’s preference is to be relocated to the Covington site, with exclusive use of approximately 14 acres of said site during the entire BCS school day, as BCS will be the largest school in the district. BCS is entitled, under Prop39, its implementing regulations and the  standards set forth by the Court of Appeal, which is stare decisis, to a campus totaling over 15.07 acres (the precise amount depends on the projected District enrollment for next year) with sufficient room to accommodate the required classrooms, specialized teaching space, and non teaching space, for which Covington is best suited"

So, the quote from Title 5 CCR Section 11969.9(c)(1)(E) says " and/or ", and somehow BCS' cadre of lawyers, marketeers, etc can't figure out the "or" means that they do NOT need to request a specific school?!?  Interesting. 
Looks like they may need to find some higher priced help...

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