Wednesday, September 11, 2013

YAL - Yet Another Lawsuit (YAL can become our newest, hottest, three letter acronym)

So, I was able to attend the LASD/BCS mediated session last night in Los Altos Hills.  Firstly, let me say thank you very much to each of the participants: Tammy (from LASD) and Peter and Francis (from BCS), and especially Mayor Waldeck from Los Altos Hills.  Unfortunately, Doug (from LASD) was not able to attend due to a work emergency, but I really appreciated the diligence and openness displayed by all participants, as well as the Mayor's deft maneuvering when things became "touchy".

All of that being said, unfortunately, the meeting was cast under the shadow of yet another lawsuit that brought about by BCS, and of which LASD was notified, right before the meeting.  This lawsuit was a bit of the elephant in the room, because the tenor of the conversation revolved around how the two sides could work together more harmoniously and for the benefit of all of the kids, all the while, the participants were well aware of another brewing Lawsuit

Anyway, let's focus on the positives - open dialogue, a plan to get together again next week, and a plan for BCS to come to the table with an explanation of their ask (vs just tearing apart LASD's proposals).  Hopefully, we'll get to hear this proposal next week.  Baby steps...

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