Thursday, September 12, 2013

Not too much to report from the LASD Board meeting tonight

A hybrid (meaning that there should be options for people who don't want full-day) full-day kinder program was approved by the board.  This was a great example of how LASD listens to its constituents.  They had a plan to proceed last meeting, and decided to solicit more data and feedback before deciding how to proceed.

Regarding BCS, not too much was discussed (which was nice).  Basically, the long term facilities discussion will again resume on 10/30 in Los Altos Hills Town Hall - be there, or be square.  This is a good step that at least the two sides are once again talking.  In addition to the resumption of the Long Term Facilities discussion, the 2014/2015 facilities process is supposed to commence in a week, although Mark Goines brought up the good point of "how can we discuss the '14/'15 plan in good faith when BCS is not responding to our requests for data, and is ignoring aspects of the FUA (i.e. age restrictions on Blach) that they signed?"

Although this meeting was not earth-shattering, at least the two sides are back at the table - for at least one more discussion...

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