Monday, September 23, 2013

Another LASD board meeting, and more BCS parents complaining about being treated unfairly...

So, I had the opportunity to attend another LASD board meeting tonight, and boy did this one have a lot of parent input.  On the LASD side, there was a bit of a division of parents/teachers regarding the value (and relative priority of full-day kinder), but to be honest, if that were the extent of our conversations/discussions, I would be VERY HAPPY.  These are real community issues where parents may not necessarily agree, but we can come together peacefully and discuss options which will hopefully result in the greater good.  I LOVE the fact that we have a district with so many educated, informed, and involved parents, and would love to continue working with them on any topics like this.

Unfortunately, the rest of the meeting was again discouraging because of the redundant (and seemingly intractable - largely because BCS' board won't work with LASD) issue of BCS' facilities.  I heard parent after parent complain that their BCS students were playing on pavement at Blach, and not the nearby grass field.  Some parents said that their 1st graders have been to BCI, while others said that their 3rd graders have not (given the fact that they agreement that BCS signed was that it would be 6-8 grade, it seems like not all of the parents "got the memo", or their stories straight).

After the seemingly common theme of BCS parents complaining that they are being treated unfairly, the LASD board had a chance to speak, and brought up a few interesting points:

  • From Mark - Let's reach a high level agreement for the future, rather than continuing to complain about 20 more minutes of recess time on the grass at Blach for younger students
  • From Pablo/Mark/Steve - we need a board (i.e. ANYONE FROM BCS who will actually work with us) - it takes two to tango
  • As reported from the principal at Blach, BCS has not been following the agreed upon schedule.  In an ideal world, this would not be a rigid/fixed thing, and could be collaboratively worked upon by Sandra and Wanny, but given BCS lack of collaboration/discussion/helpfulness/etc this may not be possible
  • BCS is not responding to the short term team (Steve and Mark) regarding the next meeting, or even responding to their requests for information or proposals.  
  • In the short term meeting, LASD presented a draft proposal, and asked for help with CEQA questions and the bond - crickets...
  • In the long term meeting, LASD put together a proposal (AT THE REQUEST OF THE MEDIATOR), and BCS had neither responded, nor agreed to meet again - more crickets...
  • And, last but not least, after everything that has been discussed, and all of the hours being spent on both sides, the extent of the communication emanating from BCS was the following letter:
Not only does this not address the outstanding, blocking issues, but it doesn't agree to any timelines to resume discussions.  Basically, it's a non-sequitur...  I have no idea where things are going now, but I am MUCH LESS optimistic about a mutually beneficial due to the BCS board's apparent unwillingness to continue to engage/discuss.  They just seem to want to take their toys and go home...

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