Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I've always wanted to go to Australia... :)

Hope to see lots of people there tonight...

Subject:tonight's kangaroo court
Date:Tue, 12 Nov 2013 14:37:52 -0800
From:David Roode <>

Michelle Sturiale  suggested that I email you my opinion about your 
alleged hearing tonight regarding purported problems with the Bullis 
Prop 39 facilities this year.

My main problem with your actions concerns your collective dishonesty in 
this so called usage agreement.  First you refuse to negotiate it and 
then you act as if you had.  In the slides for your meeting tonight I 
see a totally bogus timeline regarding your steps in preparing the usage 

Most importantly, in one step you hold out that you believe that the 
Bullis June lawsuit was finally ruled upon.  What was ruled upon was 
just a motion for a peremptory writ which would have obviated the need 
for the CEQA  portion of the lawsuit by completely changing (redoing) 
the facilities offer.  This ruling in no way touched upon the usage 
agreement or indicated the end of or a failure of Bullis's June 
lawsuit.  Yet you keep representing to the public that this lawsuit has 
been resolved in favor of the district.

When you look at the letter you sent to Bullis alleging various so 
called violations, it is notable in the specifics it leaves out, such as 
the specifics of the time(s) of the alleged violations and the response 
made by Bullis in each case.  It will be a miracle if they show up at 
your board meeting tonight and they cannot really respond to the 
itemized list in your letter because of the lack of specifics.

I urge you to seek outside mediation and to stop wasting the resources 
of the taxpayers of the district in all these frivolous actions, which 
make a mockery of cooperation and honesty.

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