Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bridge Building ... at least by the kids...

Just got back from the LASD board meeting, and I am happy to report that the board heard loudly and clearly that the district schools are not in favor of closing down a district school to hand over to BCS (as they requested by asking for Covington this year).  The meeting started off with a fun and entertaining presentation by about 8 Oak 3rd graders who were discussing the process that they went through, and their creations, in the bridge building exercise.  To hear them eloquently speak and describe their design process was a treat.

Most of the rest of the meeting consisted of multiple sessions of community input around the BCS request for Covington, and how LASD should respond.

Another highlight of the session was Francis La Poll saying that BCS would adhere to the LASD limitations in the timeline requested, so hopefully we we avoid yet another lawsuit.  Additionally, LASD acquiesced to BCS' requests, and agreed to meet "out of the public eye".  I commend the board's desire to do what is necessary to bring this situation to resolution, but I just hope that this works better than it did the last time.

If only the board members were as good at "bridge building" as the 3rd graders...  It was an interesting juxtaposition.

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