Thursday, August 29, 2013

I was able to attend the latest Long Term Facilities discussion tonight

Many thanks to Peter, Francis, Doug, Tammy, and Mayor Waldeck for continuing the conversation, and maintaining a constructive attitude.  I missed the beginning of the meeting, but I believe that today's meeting revolved around discussing the proposal that BCS produced for an agreeable Long Term Strategy (that would hopefully get us out of prop-39 hell, and provide a foundation whereby BCS and the district would have visibility/safety for 15+ years.
I think that it is a goal that we all seek, and I hope that these board members continue to have these constructive conversations - thanks again.

I do wish that the short term facilities discussions were as productive, or even happening, but I suspect that we will hear more next Tues at LASD's board meeting (hopefully the BCS board will be in attendance).

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