Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Attended the BCS-LASD mano a mano discussion tonight

Unfortunately, I was a bit late to the meeting, but the gist that I got from what I did hear was that BCS was looking for some type of guarantee that their kids/teachers would not be locked out, despite the fact that the had explicitly broken the FUA by having their whole school at Egan this week. LASD didn't seem to be able to give BCS the commitment for which they were looking, but they did seem to indicate that they didn't think that it would happen. It does make me wonder if there is any teeth in the agreement that would punish the school/leaders for failing to keep their word, without hurting the kids, but that is for brighter folks than I.
I was quite surprised when the vice mayor of Los altos hills seemed to rather explicitly threaten that if LASD didn't acquiesce to BCS' short term demands, that they would lose the longer term support for a bond. This seemed rather petty and inappropriate to me, but I'm starting to sense that this is how these people play (reminds me of the whole "well, I'll just take all of my toys from the sandbox battles of childhood").
Anyway, aside from not so veiled threats, and the usual complaints from the BCS partisan crowd, I was happy to see that at least the participants from both sides remained civil with one another...

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