Sunday, June 9, 2013

Confusing board meeting tonight

I feel like I have been a little out of the loop, but tonight's LASD board meeting was a little confusing to me.  On the positive side, the consultants who are helping with the bond surveys seemed to indicate that the polling is trending up, and is looking quite positive for the ability to pass the bond in the upcoming election.  BUT, I was very confused when the discussion of the bond indicated that we are looking at one new school (rather than two).  When I was last following along, I thought that the bond would be able to fund TWO schools (a new LASD school to help alleviate growth and overcrowding concerns - i.e. keep small school model, and a new school for BCS - so they won't have to be on shared grounds at Egan/Blach in portables).  Tonight, my takeaway is that the bond would be used to fund ONE new school, but we didn't get into the specifics of "for whom", or "how would the logistics work"?  For example, if this is a new school for LASD, would be BCS be getting an existing LASD school, or still be split between Blach/Egan (something that I don't think would go over very well)?  Or, if the new school is for BCS, does that mean that BCS would get new facilities, while LASD would still be overcrowded in the existing facilities?
Also, no one has ever been able to explain to me how BCS can claim that they need to have an integrated K-8 program collocated on one site when:
1. they didn't start out that way
2. LASD (i.e. the school district to which they claim to be related) doesn't have any schools like that

Many questions to be answered in the coming months, before the election, but it sounds like the polling is trending up...

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