Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Marketing, or honesty, which will win the day?

I do feel bad for the parents who had to skip latte hour in order to picket at the LASD offices yesterday, but I have to wonder if they know about what they are picketing. Common sense would say that kids were being deprived of something, but that's not the case because NO kids (LASD or BCS) have access to the rooms  right now.  So. perhaps the picketing was because the BCS teachers don't have access to the rooms at Blach?  If that's the case, then we should move the whole congregation to Mr Moore's house, because it is actually BCS who has refused to sign the agreement which would provide them access.  And why did they refuse?  Because the rent went up?  News flash, Los Altos property values are rising, and BCS is getting more land.  And maybe, just maybe, there were some errors in the calculations which have since been fixed.   Whatever it is, there is no Diabolical Plan against the charter, as some would like you to believe, just people trying to educate kids.  Oh, and some just trying to generate marketing hype...

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